Serai Food
Street &

Islamabads Very Own


market place designed to facilitate Artisans, Restauranteurs, and small organic farmers who want to be a part of the 'farm to plate' concept at Rockville House.

Discover the finest
local artisans

  • Local Sweets
  • Local delicacies
  • Variety of donuts
  • HAndMade ITEMS

Enjoy all of
and more...

Hand crafted

  • Local Clothing
  • Hand knitting
Bringing You The Very Best

Come and join us... shop local, eat well, buy handmade,
be sustainable, meet friends, make friends, and have a jolly good time!'

Sell your produce at
the Diplomatic
Enclave, Islamabad.


creatives & communities

Here at Serai Food Street & The Artisan Market Grow your business at our Open Air Market that specializes in local fresh produce, handmade crafts, art, music and food trucks. This is your chance to partner with Luciano's, Serai Establishments, Rockville wellness centers Miso Asian Cuisine and many other established businesses that are in need of your products. we feel passionate about showcasing local talents, artisans and small creative pop-ups whilst building a strong sense of community and fellowship through our quality artisan markets. Bringing people together in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, creating a fun space to hang out with family & friends, where you can eat, drink, shop and be merry, is our mission!

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Luciano's Pizza Truck
Serai Bistro

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